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        By allowing us to bid or enter a lottery for your koi, you agree and accept the following terms. Please read them carefully:

        • When you provide us with your maximum bid amount, you agree to pay that amount in addition to shipping from Japan to the US. Shipping prices may vary depending on the size of the koi and the location of the breeders, but you can expect to pay between $500-$1200 per box. It is up to the breeder to chooses how many koi in a box.

        • You also agree to pay GC Koi a 30% commission on top of your maximum bid amount. All fees, commission, and the price of the koi must be paid within 3 days of the end of the auction.

        • Koi are living animals that can change drastically at any time. If the breeder sends us your koi and it has changed (such as color, pattern, or body) or looks different than in the auction photos/videos in any way, we will not be held responsible.

        • We will quarantine your koi for up to 6 weeks at our bio-secure quarantine facility before shipping out. If the koi changes (such as color, pattern, or body) during the quarantine process, we will not be held liable. In the rare event that the koi dies while under quarantine, we will refund 100% of the koi's winning price in store credit. Shipping, transportation and permits are not refundable.

        • Shipping from Japan can be very stressful for koi, and delays can occur. If the koi dies during shipping from Japan, it will be up to the breeder's discretion whether or not to compensate. If they choose to do nothing, you must agree to accept the breeder's final resolution and not hold GC Koi liable.

        • Azukari: if you choose to placed your koi azukari with a breeder, you must agree and accept the breeder's azukari terms. If your koi turns out to be missing, change color or deformed, you agree to accept compensate from the breeder, which may sometime be less than the purchase prices. GC Koi will not be responsible for your koi during azukari.

        • Due to breeder auction policy and customer privacy, we cannot show or disclose any winning bids.

        • A $500 refundable deposit is required before placing any bids.

        Thank you for your trust and happy bidding.